Disney Parade Tip, Reuse Parade Toys
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Disney Parade Tip, Reuse Parade Toys

Who says you can’t reuse parade toys?

You certainly don’t buy new beach towels each time you go to the beach?  Do you?  I’m thinking you buy them ahead of time and then reuse them with each beach trip.  Well, you shouldn’t go to a parade, particularly a Disney nighttime parade, without your pre-purchased parade toys!Disney Parades Toys

I know it sounds very frugal, especially since the little ones are involved, but honestly, the $13.95 light saber will soon be forgotten (at least until the next parade!)

We purchased our preschooler a somewhat overpriced Minnie Mouse light toy 4 parades ago.  She loved it that first night.  The smile on her face made the purchase perfect!  Not surprisingly, she fell sound asleep with it in her hands moments after the parade.  That night I carefully packed it in the suitcase and when we returned home I stored it in our “Disney bag” for our next trip.

Since then, the moment we sit down and await the parade (we’ve been to 6 in 12 months) and we see the 1st push cart of toys and balloons I quickly take out Minnie!  The preschooler is excited!  She barely even remembers having it last time.  It’s almost like a new toy.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t full proof.  She does eye some of the newer items and we have caved.  But, all in all, this “re-gifted” Minnie Mouse has saved us money and tears!

Smart Travel Tip:

  • Purchase parade toys before you hit the park to save some $$.  Friends have found similar light up toys at the dollar store, Wal-Mart and Target.
  • Store the toy in a place you’ll remember for your next parade outing.
  • Avoid having your child play with the toy other than at the parade.  This will help build excitement and keep the toy “new.”

One thought on “Disney Parade Tip, Reuse Parade Toys

  1. We did this same thing when we took the boys the The Wiggles concerts a few years in a row. We also bought boys’ shirts prior and wore them to the concert.

    Not only did it same money but it saved time because we didn’t have to stand in those ridiculously long lines to buy souvenirs.

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