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Goldfish Made with Smiles! =)

Ok, so this made me stop and smile! The other day as I was opening a new bag of Goldfish, my latest fitness kick convinced me to look at the label and ingredients, (I try to be a health nut whenever possible!) Much to my surprise I came across the greatest 1st ingredient of any package of my pantry! According to the Goldfish Cheddar bag, the little fishies are, “Made with SMILES and… ” What? Smiles? How great is that!? You know that the 1st ingredient is the ingredient of largest quantity in the item! So, I wonder, if you eat food made with lots of smiles, will you instantly have a smile on your face? I sure did! And, I bet you do too! 🙂 Go ahead, go find that bag of Goldfish and check it out!

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