The Smell of My Birthday!

I’m from Long Island, NY and now call South Florida home. There are certainly things from NY that I miss. One of the most difficult to adjust to is the lack of seasons. Or should I say pr ofound seasons. Yes, in Florida we do experience “winter,” it’s just a bit different than the winters in NY. The heat lessens, as does the humidity. People dress as if it’s 20 degrees out, when the weatherman frightens the viewers with a chance of high 50s at night. It’s a but amusing. Anyway, the season I miss the very most is autumn. I miss the leaves changing. I miss the leaves falling. And, most importantly, I miss the smell of the leaves. It’s a smell that is so reminiscent of my childhood and my birthday. I have a birthday this month, and with just one whiff of an autumn leaf I know my birthday is approaching. One of my greatest friends knows that and sent me the most wonderful birthday goody – a box of autumn – full of leaves, pine cones and more! Now I know my birthday is soon!


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