Wobbly Worm Game Video Review for Kids Aged 3-8
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Wobbly Worm Game Video Review for Kids Aged 3-8

Wobbly Worm Game Video Review for Kids Aged 3-8

We want the kids to be active and have fun. My 5, near 6 year old, daughter spent the afternoon playing with Wobbly Worm, a new game from Spin Master. This game is geared for kids aged 3-8 but to be honest older kids and mom & dad can have fun with it as they play with the little one, too.

Wobbly Worm is an active game which can be played indoors or outdoors. This is a huge deal for rainy or snowy days. It is also a great game for grandma’s house because of its ease of use and level of fun!

Playing Wobbly Worm

On a Friday afternoon, I invited my kids – particularly Cecilia, the 5 year old, to try out Wobbly Worm. She had been eyeing the box for days. She was THRILLED when I finally gave her the all clear that today we could try it out. Thankfully, I had the ‘C’ batteries that it required.

She setup Wobbly Worm by easily piecing it together. I installed the batteries for her. We set it out in the patio to play. Her older sister and I were anxious to join in, as you’ll see below. I allowed her some time to experience the toy that’s perfect for her, first.

See her experience playing Wobbly Worm:


Wobbly Worm Game for Boys & Girls

Beyond the game being much fun, I like that it works for both girls and boys. I’m a mom of girls, and am always clueless on what to get boys for birthday presents. The Wobbly Worm is a “gender-neutral” gift that both boys and girls can enjoy. Guess what I’m giving to Ceci’s friends for the next few birthdays!?

Purchasing Wobbly Worm

Wobbly Worm is available at most of your favorite retailers both on and offline. It retails for $19.99. Below are direct links to purchase from your favorite online space.


Smarty Pants Mama is working with this brand to showcase how Woobly Worm is enjoyed by children. Opinions are our own and not influenced through partnership.

Wobbly Worm Video Review

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