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Warehouse Prices of Diapers & Wipes plus Coupons Bring HUGE Savings! See how and where!

Wa Wa Wa…the baby aisle makes me want to cry!  Prices of diapers and wipes can drain a mom’s wallet in no time.  Researching the prices is essential for a mom who wants to be smart and on budget!

Last week I attended a blogger event at a local BJ’s Wholesale. Armed with the skepticism that buying in bulk doesn’t always mean saving money, I arrived early to do some price research.  I hit the baby goods aisle 1st. Using a calculator and my smart phone I researched what alternate, discount shopping sites (i.e. Amazon.com & Diapers.com) to see who had the best price for diapers and wipes.  I was in shock to see that what I had thought was the best deal…Amazon.com through their Amazon Mom program…was not.   BJ’s prices for the exact large box of size 3 diapers that I had delivered at my house days before was a whopping $6.00 cheaper!  It was tough to swallow.  I felt a bit defeated.  Next came the wipes. I’ve learned from BabyCheapskate.com that 2¢ a wipe is the price to get.   I looked at a name brand, did the calculation of price vs. the number of wipes in the box and it was the magic price of 2¢! Now, here’s where the “Holy crap, I must buy my baby goods here!” moment set in…these already better than the competitor prices hadn’t yet taken into account manufacturer’s coupons!  You see, at BJ’s Wholesale, unlike their wholesale competitor, you can use all the coupons your cut out of the paper or printed.  So the price per diaper and price per wipe would be EVEN LOWER if I had one of the easy to come by coupons for the brand name diapers or wipes!

Be sure to check out the video reaction of my finds!

My BJ’s finding didn’t end in the baby aisle!  Next week I’ll share 5 things I bet you didn’t know about shopping at BJ’s Wholesale!Disclosure:  Gift items were provided for compensation of my time to attend event.  No request or expectation was given to publicize my findings.  As always, all opinions are my own!


7 thoughts on “Warehouse Prices of Diapers & Wipes plus Coupons Bring HUGE Savings! See how and where!

  1. A word about BJ’s Wholesale Club’s coupon policy….because of the way diapers and wipes are packaged, they only can accept 1 BJ’s coupon and 1 manufacturer’s coupon. It is all based on how many product upcs are in the box

  2. I have told many people that BJ’s is the best place to buy diapers. The best part is you can always find a BJ’s coupon for Huggies or Pampers and pair that with manufacturer coupons. Their policy states you can use 1 manufacturer coupon for each retail package included in a club package. That means you can use the BJ”s coupons & 4 manufacturer coupons for diapers which equals huge savings. Not to mention their price is already cheaper then any other non-warehouse store. The savings on diapers & wipes more then pays for my membership. Then of course there are the savings on everything else. I price check constantly & BJ’s blows the other stores away on most products!

  3. I would like to see some specifics.I calculated that amazon mom was cheaper for luvs diapers than BJs for size 4.

    1. I also thought the same! Prices fluctuate, both with online merchants and in-store merchants, so it’s always good to arrive at the store or online with the competitor’s prices on hand. I know the price per diaper that is considered great and that’s what I try to beat. As you may know Amazon Mom recently changed it’s policy and discount of diapers: “Under the old program you would receive a 15% discount for diapers and wipes with an additional 15% savings if you used their Subscribe & Save program for a total of 30% savings. It is now changed to a discount of 5% for diapers and wipes with the usual 15% Subscribe & Save for a total savings of 20%. – FrugalLivingNW”

      Secondly, your manufacturer’s coupons can also be used at BJs to lower price even more!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas!

  4. Hi there…great info, especially about the coupons at BJ’s since Sams and Costco don’t accept any…but can you tell me what the actual price was for the diapers? I also use Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save, and I’m still getting a better price than what I would in any store–especially because you have to count the 6% tax savings as well (and for me, having it delivered saves me time and gas).

    I just paid $33 for a box of Size 6 Pampers/140 count, still getting the 30% discount for some reason so it came out to .24 cents per diaper. I know it will depend on the number of diapers in the box as well, but I’ve only ever seen it close to $40 per box for those, so Amazon still comes out WAY cheaper.

    I also pay .03 cents per Wipe from Amazon via Subscribe and Save (on Huggies Wipes 184-count, 3 pack, and again, saved on not having to pay tax, so kind of evens out I guess with the .02 cents price.


  5. I completely agree with you. We are brand loyal to Luvs I am currently buying size 3s I get 204 diapers in a box or 29.99 thats 14 cent per diaper but it gets better Bjs always puts out a 5 dollar of coupon for Luvs every 2-3 months then I pay .12 cent a diaper and I get the extra 5 dollar off luvs coupons at the service desk and usually buy 2-3 boxes at a time and it last me 2-3 months I wish more people knew about the great savings they can get at Bjs/

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