Video Review: Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta
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Video Review: Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta

I was provided with several boxes of the new Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta. We like pasta in this house and eat a bowl weekly so it made sense to try it out!

Hidden Veggies Pasta ReviewWe all know it can be carb heavy but now with Mueller’s Hidden Veggie line it can be veggie heavy too! A WHOPPING entire serving of veggies is hidden with a 4 ounce portion! You know I’m all about not hiding the veggies, but in this case, this just makes sense when you want to add even more veggies into your meal! 


Pardon the random blurriness in my video below. Haven’t a clue why it recorded that way!  

By the way, I used the Mueller’s Hidden Veggie’s Small Penne last night for our Pasta with Cauliflower. Talk about a dish FULL of VEGGIES! It was DELICIOUS!
Disclosure: Sample boxes were provided for my enjoyment. No compensation or promise to post was made. All opinions are my very own.

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