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Versatile, Trendy Sandals – Honestly, You’ll Flip Out with These

Whether it’s a family trip to a warm destination, a cruise throughout the Caribbean or simply the summer’s social events, trendy sandals are a must. Flip Out Sandals are now this Smart Mama’s go-to warm weather shoe.

Flip Out Sandals allow you to have a variety of styles of shoes with just one shoe. How does that work? Each pair of sandals is designed with a proprietary shoe accessory screw, allowing the Smart Mama to screw on any of the dozens of interchangeable accessories.

The variety of accessories is impressive. Casual smaller designs to glitzy flowers, butterflies and more can change your shoe from a beach-y flip flop to a stunning dinner sandal.

The Sandals

Brazillian flip flops and jellies are available in standard women shoe sizes. The Brazillian’s are $24.99 and are available in 6 distinct colors. The jellies are made in 3 different colors and sell for $59.99.

The Accessories

There are currently nearly 30 different shoe jewelry pieces. Prices range from $9.99 – 24.99.

Sometimes we need something with the bling, sometimes we don’t. These Flip Out Sandals let you make that choice without buying 2 dozen pairs of sandals to get you through the summer events. Just think of the suitcase space you’ll gain on your next warm weather trip?

My 5 year old fashionista thinks they’re “totally awesome” and is hoping that they come in her size soon!

Get Flipped Out

These trendy, practical sandals are available at select boutiques and online at FlipOutSandals.com.

Disclosure: A pair of the sandals and a variety of shoe accessories was provided. No compensation or expectation to review was received. All opinions, as always, are my own.

4 thoughts on “Versatile, Trendy Sandals – Honestly, You’ll Flip Out with These

  1. When I downloaded the picture close up feature of your girl’s feet in sandals I was surprised to see her feet fill up my monitor. That made is very easy to see the details of her feet and toes. One thing about her toes that really stands out is they are definitely long. You can clearly see her second to is the longest and sticks out past her big toe. I nick named her “cutie with a longer second toe LOL!”

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