Tropical Inspired Art Project for Kids
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Tropical Inspired Art Project for Kids

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My morning started buying this:tropical art project

and ended with an art project for kids, inspired by fruit and all® Fresh Tropical Mist™!tropical art project

See my experience on bringing the tropics – scent, taste and colors – into our patio with a fun art project for kids!

Our Tropical Experience

A brand new bottle of all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ sat on my table when the kids got home from school. The 5 year old instantly wanted to open it up and smell it. The tropical scent had her smiling – big time! That was the beginning to our very tropical afternoon. We talked about the scents and which flowers we see in our tropical neighborhood. When I think of the tropics I think of the not only flowers, but the fruits we see and eat so much in South Florida. A traditional cuban breakfast always has a side of fruit. I decided to have tropical fruit be the final inspiration for our tropical paintings. tropical art project

Art Project Materials

  • Canvas for each artist
  • paint brushes – You can get creative with this. I used round stamping brushes, kitchen sponges and natural sponges.)
  • acrylic paint
  • tropical fruit
  • paper plates or the like for their paint color making

Art Project Directions

  1. Present the tropical fruit to the kids. Talk about the colors they see on the outside. Cut open fruit. Note the colors on the inside. Were they surprised by the colors? I encouraged the girls to smells the fruit, too. The tropical colors and scents influenced us, big time!tropical art project
  2. By mixing the acrylic paint, create 4-5 colors seen within the tropical fruits. This is challenging but fun! We struggled figuring out how much of each primary color to add to get as close as we could to the inside of the different fruit. Be sure to create a green – we did lime green – for the stem of the flowers.  We named the colors by the fruit name – watermelon red, papaya orange, pineapple yellow, mango yellow! tropical art project
  3. Each artist should paint the background one color. Allow the canvas to dry. This is important so the colors don’t blend, unintentionally. tropical art project
  4. Begin with painting the stem, followed by the center part of flowers in one color and the petals in another. Be sure to allow the canvas to dry between colors. tropical art project
  5. When the artwork is fully dry, pick the perfect spot to display their tropical inspired art!

Tropical Sensory Art 

This project was an entire sensory experience for the girls. They smelled the all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ and the fruit. They observed the colors of the fruit. Of course, they ate some of the fruit at the end. We were in the tropics all afternoon!

So very thankful for the bottle of all® Fresh Tropical Mist, the latest scent by all®, that did a great job when I washed the shirts and shorts that one way or another got covered in paint. The tropical smell was there as I pulled the now back-to-being-clean clothes out of the dryer later that day! tropical art project

Living in Miami, we are surrounded by coconuts, palm trees, hibiscus, avocado, mango trees and more! It’s quite “tropical” no matter which street you to turn onto. We tend to keep that as a theme both inside and outside. We are working on updating our patio. Our walls are barren and I knew a tropical inspired artwork would be perfect. But this time I didn’t want to head to the stores for art, instead, I wanted it to be a tropical inspired art project done by MY KIDS! Their tropical flowers, inspired by tropical fruit and all® Fresh Tropical Mist™, look great!

To find NEW fresh tropical mist in store near you, visit all®’s website and click Where to Buy! There is coupon available, too! Art Project for Kids

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  1. Great summer activity for the kids! And thanks for the tip on the new detergent! I hope they have it at Costco, because I’m planning to go today!

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