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Thursday Thirteen – This Stinkin’ Knee!

So we all certainly have at least 1 thing in life that drives us bonkers! It may be a neighbor, an in-law, a disorganized garage. Bill Cosby once said, “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything – even poverty – you can survive it.” Isn’t that the truth?? With that in mind, here are my thirteen things that I miss as I recuperate from knee surgery – in no particular order!
1. Walking – without crutches, without a walker, all I want is one leg after the other!
2. Curling up in bed – leg elevated with huge a brace to keep it straight stinks!
3. Standing up in the shower – sitting on the edge doesn’t really cut it!
4. Driving – although being chauffeured is nice, I’d rather be in control.
5. Carrying my daughter – I miss this so much!
6. Chasing after my daughter – For good (playing chase) or bad (putting leaves in her mouth)!
7. Sitting on the floor – although I could do it now, it takes me 10 minutes to get there – don’t even ask about getting up!
8. Having non-dry skin – the skin around my knee and my “bad leg” foot is SUPER dry – I’ve tried everything!
9. Sitting normally – I spend my day with my legs up on an ottoman! Sounds relaxing but all I want is to have both my feet flat on the floor!
10. Crossing my legs – to sit like a lady – what a dream!
11. Climbing into bed – currently a 3 step process.
12. Going shopping – although my online shopping is quite enjoyable!
13. Wearing normal clothes – Old Navy sweatpants with one leg cut off at the top of the knee, stylish but I don’t hear Project Runway calling!
Make yourself a Smart Mom promise to see the humor in more. When faced with a difficult situation, look at it in every angle possible until you can squeak out at least a smile.
I would love to hear how you have laughed your way through frustrating moments! Share a comment!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – This Stinkin’ Knee!

  1. Wow, this certainly puts into perspective a lot of things I take for granted every day! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Makes you really think how lucky you are to be in good health. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back to chasing your daughter with ease.

  3. I hope your recovery is fast and clean.

    I’ve never had knee surgery (my problem is inoperable) but I’ve had countless rounds of braces, crutches and PT, none of which left me as debilitated as your surgery has left you, so I really sympathize.

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