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Thursday Thirteen – 13 Ways to Save Money with Your Own Garden!

Ok, we all have seen it, the crazy prices at the supermarket, the gas station and just about everywhere else! This year I have decided to do my own “green” way of helping the country and my family – I have started my own garden. The garden serves a couple of different purposes. First, my 18 month old LOVES it! She is learning little by little how I take care of it – watering, removing dead leaves and picking the veggies when they’re ready. Second of all – it’s now one less thing to buy at the store – could amount to one less trip – which could amount to less gas – which means less $$$ spent! Go ahead, be a SMART MAMA and try it out!

I promise that I DO NOT HAVE A GREEN THUMB. I have just had some luck and some great help at the beginning (a friend who was staying with us around Christmas would take the seeds out of any veggies I would buy and plant them. We often don’t even know what’s growing until the fruit/veggie starts to grow!)

Also, you’ll see some pictures of cocoons that formed this week around one of our mysterious plants. The plant was covered with ugly black and white caterpillars for a couple of weeks and the next thing you know we are going to have a butterfly garden!!! I can’t wait!

Enjoy viewing my 13 best parts of my garden. (Please note that I live in South Florida so things grow here at different times than up north!)

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – 13 Ways to Save Money with Your Own Garden!

  1. I am extremely impressed that 1)you have planted a wonderful garden 2)you know what to do and how to cook the things growing in your garden 3)your 18 mo old is so helpful and 4)the way you displayed your photos is cool!

  2. Well I was coming to reply to your question,but it seems you’ve gotten it! Sorry it took me so long.

    Mmmm fresh veggies from the garden. I’m jealous.

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