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Texting for FREE with the XFINITY Mobile App

xfinity mobile appHave you downloaded the Comcast XFINITY app (XFINITY Connect mobile)? It’s a must for smart mamas. Believe me, there have been over 3.2 million downloads thus far! I recently downloaded it and it’s one of those apps where I can’t remember my life before it.

This app allows me to use my XFINITY Voice services beyond the confines of my home. My phone services travel with me, no matter where I am. Within the app I can access and tinker with essentially anything and everything related to my XFINITY Voice service and use modern smart phone technology. I can access home voicemail, check and manage email, update and maintain contacts, send text messages and more! All these services are FREE and are included as part of my Comcast XFINITY plan.

Texting for FreeFree Texting

I included texting in the FREE features of the XFINITY app. Yes, you read that correctly. When texting through the app, I do not interfere with my costly texting plan of my cell phone provider. These texts do not “count against me.” The app syncs with my contacts that are stored on my phone, so additional work isn’t needed! I text as I wish and not a single charge will be incurred. Isn’t that great?! Maybe I should cancel my texting part of my cell phone plan? I can even speak my message rather than text them. It’s speech-to-text technology is so remarkable that it will accurately transcribe my voice into written text to send out. I’ve tried out this feature several times, having so much fun with it. It’s a great feature for my “texting it too expensive & complicated” mother. She’ll have no excuse now!

Additionally, with the XFINITY Connect app there is a one touch launch of XFINITY TV. This is one of my very favorite aspects of Comcast XFINITY. Wait until I share with you my LOVE of the XFINITY TV app! I will dedicate an entire blog post or two, to that in the future. Honestly, my husband grabbed my phone out of my hand within minutes of me using it because he wanted a turn. Yes, it’s that good!

In the coming weeks a new component, Voice 2Go will be also available with capabilities that continue to set the Comcast Mobile app apart from others.

xfinity logoTo get more informaiton about using the XFINITY app:  http://xfinity.comcast.net/learn/internet/mobile-iphone-itouch-ipad/

In my role as a COMCAST Digital Ambassador, I provide you with pertinent information to help make each of us smarter moms. When I encounter any technology with the confines of COMCAST or not that I believe will save you time, money or aggravation, I will get that out to you. In the coming months I will share additional details on a vareity of features from COMCAST that I recognize as pertinent for smart mamas. Please ask any questions you may have about the XFINITY services and I will work to get you the answer you need. Let’s maximize the great service my XFINITY to make us each smarter moms! Let’s do it!

Disclosure: As a member of the Comcast Digital Ambassador Program, I receive Xfinity Triple Play in exchange for my involvement in the program. All opinions are my own. Images and logos courtesy of Comcast.

3 thoughts on “Texting for FREE with the XFINITY Mobile App

  1. This is a great app then if they have free texting.. I just am sure it will be very popular and it can help a lot of people in case of emergency..

  2. This is a very interesting app! Those billion downloads really says that this app is truly great!

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