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Tackle It Tuesday – The Guest Room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The Guest Room!!!! It slowly, but surely, turned into the catch-all room. This weekend I couldn’t stand it and tackled it! What a relief!

Good luck with your tackles!

6 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday – The Guest Room

  1. Wow! Did you find a home for everything lol. Or did it all end up on the table like mine until I was able to find them homes lol.
    Awesome tackle.

  2. Good for you! I recently cleaned out our storage room so I could make it into a sewing room for me. I didn’t post it, because I was to embarrassed to take a before pic, but it feels so nice to have the task completed, and have a useable room. Great tackle! 🙂

  3. o.k., where did all that suff go….under the bed? Good job! I am tackling my freezer, bet my freezer is smaller than any of yours! Stop by!

  4. I had one of those and I believe it’s sometimes the hardest to clean as “noone’s using it..” and then you have to find another place for storge, great tackle!

  5. Awesome tackle. What a cute room and you’ll feel so good, every single time you walk by it!

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