Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
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Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Stuffed mushrooms makes for a great appetizer! Mushrooms are a well liked veggie in this home. We use them in pot roast and pasta, and we even reuse the mushroom trays!

My husband introduced me to stuffed mushrooms many years ago. It’s an Italian thing, I guess. It’s a yummy thing, for sure. These vegetarian stuffed mushrooms sound far more complicated to make than they really are. Try out this recipe that has proven to be simple and delicious!

Preparing Mushrooms

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is a mushroom scrubber. When washing the mushrooms, I run the shrooms under water while carefully brushing off any soil that may be on each. Click here to see a variety of mushroom scrubbers available on Amazon.

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Serving the Stuffed Mushrooms

A simple white serving dish adorned with some Italian curly leaf parsley is all it needs.

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

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  1. These look like something that my husband would love! He likes stuffed mushrooms a lot!
    I on the other hand do not like mushrooms at all!

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