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Smarty Tip – The Cheap Pedicure!

Who needs a pedicure??? Who doesn’t??

I recently read some excellent CHEAP ways of pampering your feet.
I’m sure you are!

Here’s what NY podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong, suggests:

Tea Relaxes the Mind, Body and Sore Feet
Emerge three to five bags of your favorite tea into a quart and a half of water. Bring the water to a boil. When the tea is steeping rapidly turn down the flame and add two cups of cool water to lower temperature. Now transfer the water into a more suited dish for you feet and begin soaking! Tannin, active ingredient in tea, works wonders to tighten skin and alleviate odor. Tea is an antioxidant that will help to revitalize feet, leaving feet feeling fresh and easing inflammation and swelling. After you are done soaking your feet and pampering them elevate your feet for 10 minutes to ease the stress on your circulatory system. Another at home tip is to use massage sandals which help rejuvenate your feet and legs which can comfort your feet and legs anywhere you go.

Beauty Secret for Feet: Vaseline
Tyra Banks recently revealed to InStyle Magazine her beauty secrets, which happens to include a $2.00 jar of Vaseline. Tyra told the magazine that she doesn’t believe in expensive products and her mother does not have any wrinkles around her eyes because she uses the Vaseline every night! However Vaseline does not only work wonders for your face. It’s also a great moisturizer for elbows, lips and feet. Dr. Zong suggests first purchasing a foot file and using it on heels after a long hot soak in warm, soapy water. Next file away dead cells and then lather on a layer of Vaseline before going to bed. Be sure to put a pair of white cotton socks on to lock in moisture and prevent Vaseline from getting on your sheets. Dr. Zong’s guarantees your feet will feel baby soft in a week!

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