Smart Product: 10 Steps to Mastering The Grocery Game!

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Using The Grocery Game ( to save the family money has developed into a 20 minute Sunday ritual.

Here’s how I do it in 10 easy steps!

  1. Keep inventory of my kitchen. I need to have a decent idea as to what I have, don’t have or of what I’m running low.  This doesn’t need to be a formal electronic list, although many do keep an Excel spreadsheet for this.  I have in the past, but have found that keeping a simple list of things running low on the fridge works best for me.
  2. Collect Sunday circulars for the newspaper.  I ask friends and neighbors for them.  I label each circular with its published date.
  3. Join The Grocery Game (TGG) – A FREE trial is available!
  4. On Sunday, I go to TGG and click on QuickPrint List and select the store I prefer.
  5. Scrolling down the list, I click items that I don’t need or want.  Be sure to think ahead.  Are there celebrations approaching that may warrant more boxes of cake mix?
  6. Print list and print any online coupons. (It doesn’t need to be in color – save $ on the ink – and print in grayscale)
  7. I get out all my circulars and scissors and start cutting.
  8. I indicate on my list the number of items I will actually have to/need to purchase based on the current special and the number of coupons I have.
  9. Place coupons in an organized envelope.  I use and LOVE my Savvy-Cents ( for this.  I have a separate section for each of the 3 places I shop.  I also keep all my saving club cards, other miscellaneous coupons, some spare change and more in it.  I keep this in the car during the week for any unplanned trips.
  10. I recommend The Grocery Game to friends through the referral page and hope that a few join so I receive free months. I have received several thus far.

In the spring of 2009, I had the opportunity to go shopping with Teri Gault, owner and founder of The Grocery Game ( I learned lots of tips that I have incorporated in my weekly ritual.  This shopping trip was filmed by WSVN-Miami.  The video is no longer available online.

To read a more detailed review of why I promote The Grocery Game, see my guest post on site:

This review contains opinions of my own.  I am a paid subscriber of The Grocery Game.



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