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Summer Organizing

So the unofficial start of summer 2011 was this past weekend.  It’s time to get the summer to-do list organized!  What projects do you need to get done?  Which ones are more optional but would be awesome to have crossed off the list?  Although summertime is typically filled with kiddies home from school, family vacations and more, it is still a set time to get Smart Mama tasks done before the school year arrives!

My 1st list revolves around projects in my preschooler’s (Isabella) room.  Here I go, proudly admitting the disasters that lie in my home! (Yes, it will be your turn next!)

  1. The Closet: This is a bit of a disaster zone.  With her Nana being a bit obsessed in buying her any and every outfit, the closet is jammed packed with old dresses, stained dresses and outfits that should be front and center and worn before she grows another inch!
  2. The Stuffed Animal Bin: I know you have one in your home too!  What do you do with the ridiculous amount of stuffed animals and dolls that your children accumulate birthday after birthday?  I’ve tried to go through this bin with her in the past but she had no interest in getting rid of any.  Actually she was willing to get rid of 3…the three better dolls, not the ugly carnival monster looking toy!
  3. The Barbie Area: I know Smart Mamas have all experienced this at least during their own childhood, the accumulation of a gazillion Barbies!  We have shoes, heads, bikinis and more Barbie nonsense filling every inch of the Barbie townhouse and Isabella’s room!
  4. Dress-up Carousel: Ok, this could look much worse.  Thankfully Santa brought Isabella this dress-up carousel a few years ago.  It spins, has mirrors, hooks, shelves & bins.  Unfortunately what it doesn’t have is the fairy Godmother that comes and organizes it each afternoon.  Yes, I need to be the fairy Godmother and make everything disappear at midnight!
  5. The Play Kitchen: Santa’s gift as well.  (I think I need to ask Santa to supply the maid next time!)  A great kitchen with lots of cabinetry.  I need to get this in order.  Not really sure how to start.  Do I put the same thought into it like I do with my own kitchen?  Do I put the canned goods in one area and the pasta in another?

Ok Smart Mamas, I’ve owned up to the disasters in my preschooler’s room.  Now it’s time for you to own up to your own disasters!  Make me feel like I’m not alone.  Let’s encourage each other as we get through our lists these next few months!
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9 thoughts on “Summer Organizing

  1. I am starting my summer organizing with the kids’ playroom…ugh! What a disaster…I have to first con my kids into donating some toys to those in need. I have to get the room ready to act as a study room for my soon-to-be first grader.
    Then I’ll move on to the spare room, aka, my office. I want to make a craft room…wish me luck!

  2. we have so many of the same problem areas!! Especially the stuffed animal basket. Ours looks exactly like yours… AND we’ve already given away a ton of them. Why do they love and want to keep all the ugly ones from the fair and are willing to give up the gorgeous expensive ones?! I just don’t get that. One year my kiddo got a “grocery basket” that had food in it. We keep all the fruits and veggies in that, on the shelf at the bottom of the kitchen. We don’t have many canned goods….
    Also my new favorite thing is those cloth “boxes” from Target. They’re rigid, but open on top. They look nice and hold a lot…

  3. Ha! You have WAYYYY more pink at your house than I do. We have Legos and light sabers everywhere!

    I’ve labled boxes for my kids to throw their toys in. I try to make them as generic as possible so they actually make it in the right spot. It seems to be helping, a bit, well, kind of.

    I’m dreading the big clean out – it’s got to happen soon!

  4. I hear you, I really do. My DH is nearly 70 and retired, which means he has the run of the house while I’m at work. He’s never been a neatnik and is quite happy to leave things where ever they happen to end up. He’s always asking me “have you seen this?” or “do you know where my ______ is?” It drives me totally crazy! But I can’t complain too much because he is a great husband and dad and is also handy enough to fix almost anything that needs attention in our household.

    As you can see, my days of worrying over stuffed animal collections is long past, but I do recall one treatment that involved hanging a colored net high in a corner of the room as a way to display some lesser-used animals.

    1. LOL! I have the same kind of husband here!
      Great idea about the stuffed animals! I’ve seen that type of display before and I think it could work in our home!

  5. Every Summer I have big plans to clean out something or get rid of stuff. BUT that never happens. I am going to try to stick to this plan!

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