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Smart Home: Pill or Candy? Take the Test!

Is it a ibprofen or a chocolate peanut butter candies sitting on the counter?

Would your child know the difference? Would you?

The California Poison Control System (CPCS) has launched a great campaign to challenge parents on the crucial awareness of unintentional poisons in homes at pillsvscandy.org.  The poisons often look like candy but are indeed dangerous, if not deadly, to our little ones.  The poisons are unintentionally left for children to ingest.  They are meant to be used to relieve a headache, easy stomach acid or relax achy muscles.  But to a child they simply look like candy when left on a kitchen counter, in your purse or a bathroom area.

The CPCS has put together a fantastic interactive quiz which invites parents to decide which item is candy and which is a pill by comparing two photos?  When I compared what was ibprofen to peanut butter candies and was wrong!  I thought the ibuprofen was a candy, just based on appearance.  Would my child think the same if I had left some on kitchen counter?  I scored an 80% on this quiz.  How horrible I felt.  I should have scored a 100%  As Smart Mamas we must be aware of this danger in our homes.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your home free of these dangers!

Take the quiz today. Please return a share your score and react on how this quiz has made you more aware of these dangers in your home.

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