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Got Milk for Breakfast? I Did at BlogHer and My Daughter Did at Home!

You know I love milk. Whether it’s skim, chocolate or yummy Simply Smart, I have at least a glass a day.  The glass typically gets mixed in with my morning cereal.

I Got Milk - at BlogHer '10

Yes, I’m a cereal person. I know that there are many more of you out there.  I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been known to take a bowl for snack time too!  My daughter takes after me.  It may be her favorite breakfast food!  How about you? Are you a cereal person?  What’s your favorite?

In previous blog posts, I’ve shared some other breakfast ideas for moms on the go. The Jimmy D’s Griddle Stick is a popular one among many of you. With the tremendous data that supports breakfast as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, are you doing your Smart Mama job of providing your children with a nutritious breakfast each and every morning?

Let’s start a discussion of easy, nutritional breakfast foods for moms, dads and kids.  Please share with a comment of your family’s favorite breakfast item for days on the go!  I will compile the list and share it in an upcoming post.

3 thoughts on “Got Milk for Breakfast? I Did at BlogHer and My Daughter Did at Home!

  1. We love the Stonyfield Farms Smoothies! Drinkable yogurt is a great portable source of calcium and protein and I find that my kids love to pull them out of the fridge and drink them all the time. I have to make sure to keep the fridge stocked with plenty in a place that they can easily grab!

    1. Great idea! My daughter is a HUGE yogurt fan! A yogurt smoothie really provides a lot of bang for your buck! I will add it to the list!
      Thanks Leticia!

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