Setting Goals with Kids
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Setting Goals with Kids

I sat in the Herbert Wertheim Performing Arts Center to watch this year’s TEDxFIU. The theme was Always Forward. Eight individuals took time on the stage and stood on the big red dot to share their story, their experience, their passion to live “always forward.” 

Setting Goal of Living Always Forward

The speaker I was most excited to hear was our very good friend, Nelson Hincapie. The Hincapie family has brought so much light and love into our home. Nelson, is the president and CEO of Voices for Children, a nonprofit organization that advocates for children in need.

Nelson shared his story on the red dot of the auditorium. His story has so many facets and levels to it that many people meet him have no idea the challenges he faced and overcame. His attitude, without a doubt, is to live “always forward.” He’s a man of faith, very deep faith. He’s also an incredible father to four beautiful children.

As I stepped away that night, I knew as a mother I had to encourage the passion to achieve goals regardless of the obstacles you have in front of you with my children, as they too should face life always forward

Setting Goals with Kids

I will read more every night.

I will exercise at least four times a week.

I will eat more fish and less red meat.

We set goals as adults. We think about them and at times we write them down. We reflect on what we need to do and what we want to achieve. We are setting an excellent example to our children each time we not only write down these goals but when we achieve them.

This month I set out to help my children set their own goals. At home we focus on three main things each and every day: our family, our friends, and our faith. I found it most appropriate to have the theme of their goals focused on these three pillars.Setting Goals with Kids

I took out some bright colored card stock and set up a form of sorts for them to note their goals. My oldest, 9 years old, spent much time deciding on the best and most achievable goals would be for her. On the other hand, my 4 year old drew pictures and told me some long and embellished story about her goals. Not sure what her understanding of a goals actually is, but I think at the end, she understood at least somewhat.

I encourage you to take this moment with your children to reflect on their achievements and on what they can work towards. Reminding them of these goals and providing a time directly reflects and review is a skill they will forever use.

The goal sheets are hung on the back of their bedroom door. They look at them periodically and are certainly making strides on achieving their goals.


Setting Goals

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