School Lunch Idea: Hormel REV Wrap
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School Lunch Idea: Hormel REV Wrap

The new Hormel REV Wraps make a great school lunch box addition – their tasty, inexpensive and low in calorie. As a Hormel Extended Family Blogger I have been provided with a variety of REV Wraps to try. 

REV Wraps for the Lunch Box

We’ll be packing lunch boxes before long. Time to stock up on bread, cold cuts, fruits and snacks.

To be honest, I may start off super organized with lunch but catch me a few weeks into the school year and I’m running around like a lunatic filling up her lunch box with food for the day.

I promise to try harder this school year. The Hormel REV Wraps are great option for a last minute lunch box filler!

Hormel REV Wrap

The wraps are all 300 calories or less and have more than 15 grams of protein each. They are made with real meat and real cheese.

The only downside is their sodium, a common issue with most products that are or contain deli meat. Each wrap has approximately 40% of your daily serving of sodium. 


Not Just For Lunch Boxes

I keep the REV Wraps in the fridge in the meat/cheese drawer. Tom isn’t a big breakfast eater during the work week, but ever so often he’s a bit hungry before he heads out the door.

I’ve invited him to grab a wrap from the drawer. It’s simple packaging and easy to eat on the go, makes a REV Wrap a good idea for busy moms & dads who might not have the time to prepare a meal or snack.

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This post was made through my role as a Hormel Extended Family Blogger. All opinions and experiences are my own!

2 thoughts on “School Lunch Idea: Hormel REV Wrap

    1. Very good point with the very high sodium content. With that in mind, I wouldn’t recommend a meal like this as a daily thing. Just like we don’t serve kids pizza and ice cream every day. An easy meal, that’s high in protein, is great to have on hand for those crazy days!

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