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iPhone App Marble Jar May Be the Solution to a Crazy Morning

iPhone App Marble Jar May Be the Solution to a Crazy Morning

Motivating children to follow directions is a tough one.  I learned as a teacher the value of positive reinforcement – rewarding children for positive behavior rather than focusing on the negative.  As a Smart Mama I try to remember this strategy when my near 5 year old drives me bonkers completing her morning routine – you may remember my whining about how it takes her 10 years to complete a meal!  My “Way to go Isabella!” when she finishes her breakfast within 20 minutes doesn’t always cut it.  She needs something more than that.

This Morning was the Icing on the Cake

We had an especially rough morning today – breakfast was half eaten and I inadvertently sent her to school with dirty teeth.  I need something to motivate her to SIT and EAT her breakfast, NOT PLAY in the bathroom and GET DRESSED all within 40 minutes!  I knew that there had to be an app for that!  This morning as I chugged my coffee I learned about Marble Jar (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marble-jar/id444902155?mt=8&uo=4) made by WinWinApps.  This electronic “marble jar” tracks goals, earning your marbles for each goal met!  This Smart Mama may have found the solution!

This “way beyond just a sticker chart” app, is now loaded on my iPhone!  My first step is to create a marble jar to get Isabella on track to being a responsible preschooler!  I’ll brainstorm with her the steps of a successful morning.  Steps will include using the bathroom, brushing her teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed…  She’ll earn marbles as she completes the steps each morning.  We’ll also decide what her prize will be when her marble jar is filled!  I’m thinking of a Hello Kitty clock that she can use in the AM to help keep her on track!

Why do I think this will work?

  • When does my daughter not want to play on my phone?  The motivation to drop a marble through the app will keep her going!
  • I can’t lose it!  I’ve started sticker charts – plenty of them these last years – but soon enough they disappear into a stack of papers!
  • I can have more than one – maybe one for her morning routine, one for me (hint, hint…exercise!) and one for the family – if we keep the family room tidy on a Saturday, and only order take out once every two weeks, we can earn a new “family toy!
  • It’s not just a “sticker chart.” With Marble Jar I can create a variety of skills tailored to the end goal.  She’ll learn that a successful morning routine has lots of components.

My Challenge

Over the next week I’ll be using Marble Jar with Isabella as we attempt to conquer the morning routine in a reasonable amount of time.  I look forward to sharing how and why it works and how you can use it your home.  I encourage you to try it out with me…it’s FREE!  Download it at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marble-jar/id444902155?mt=8&uo=4

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated post series sponsored by Marble Jar.  All opinions are unbiased and my own. 



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