How to Watch Full Episodes Online
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How to Watch Full Episodes Online

PaidI sneak away from the basketball games and head to my office to work an sneak in some shows on my  “secret” TV…. my computer. I absolutely love that with my Xfinity Service I can access a library of shows and movies and I can watch full episodes/movies on any of my devices – desktop, iPad, tablet, smart phone, etc. Take a look at the screenshot I just took of the what I can watch online:

Xfinity OnlineWhat catches your eye? For me, Downton Abbey and Revolution. Those are two of my favorite shows. I can watch past episodes of either of these shows easily through my Xfinity service. Next thing I spot is Duck Dynasty. Why? Because I keep hearing about it. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it’s about. But I can devote some time (probably tonight) to watch the 1st episode. 

How to Watch Full Episodes Online

  1. Go to Xfinity.Comcast.Net. Login with your Comcast Xfinity username and password.Watch Online
  2. Go to TV from top toolbar.
  3. Scroll through a tremendous library of shows and movies.
  4. What are you going to watch? Which episode? Click it! I’m trying Episode 1 of Duck Dynasty!
  5. Sit back & relax and enjoy the show!

 I find watching a show on my desktop while I’m working to be great multi-tasking. Sometimes I’ll just listen to the show in the background and look at it every so often while I’m working on a blog post. I also love to watch full episodes online through my iPad when I’m in the carpool line. That’s a great use of time!  Do you watch shows online?


Disclosure: This post has been written in partnership with my ambassadorship with Comcast. My opinions and experience are my own.


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