Best Way to Contact Paper a Book

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The pile of books are sent home. Your kids place them on the table. You know what that means. You have all the school supplies purchased, which includes a roll or two of contact paper. It’s time to contact paper all those books. Every year moms argue with the contact paper as it gets stuck, has bubbles and is just plain annoying. This year I set out to learn how to contact paper books in the best, smartest way. I achieved that goal.Best Way to Contact Paper a Book

I have now successfully contact papered nearly 10 books without a total mess. I’m sharing in simple directions and then a more in-depth video how to do it!

Materials Needed

How to Contact Paper a Book

  1. Set book atop contact paper. Measure and cut out a piece one inch larger than book.
  2. Fold in half and press crease.How to contact paper
  3. Fold back two inches of one edge and crease.
  4. Peel back paper of that edge.How to contact paper
  5. Place book on paper and slowly begin to peel back paper as you press contact paper on and smooth out using ruler.How to contact paper
  6. Use a scissor to cut at angles for corners and press in sides.
  7. Turn book over. Continue peeling, pressing and smoothing contact to contact paper
  8. Cut angles for corners and press in sides.  

I took out my phone during one of my “contactings” and recorded precisely how to contact paper a book. I hope you take a moment to watch the video and learn the smart way to contact paper all those books that come home this time of year.

Hope that the video saves you time and aggravation. Be sure to SHARE it with fellow moms in need of learning how to contact paper books is a smart and easy way!

The BEST Way to Contact Paper a Book

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2 thoughts on “How to Contact Paper Books

  1. These are so important, since more schools require that your child cover their books to help preserve them. I remember having to do this all throughout grammar school.

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