EBAY On Location – Asking the Questions with #ebayparent panel!

eBay Parent PaneleBay On Location has provided an abundance of information to empower you and me to be profitable eBay Smart Mamas! I am here with the eBay Parent Panel learning exactly how to make it possible!

Right now I’m sitting in a session titled Listing Makeover! I just learned how photo size, clothing measurements and more can the difference between a sale and no sale.

The Smart Mama ebay Challenge

My challenge last month invited you to search through closets looking for those shirts, pants, dresses and more that you just don’t or never did wear. These gently used clothing items are ready to be freed from your closet to allow you to make some dollars – which of course you could then buy yourself some thing new (wink, wink!) Have you gone through your closet? What have you found?

Taking Questions!

Smart Mama’s using ebay to earn extra money is something we can all take on, even with soccer practice, ballet and birthday parties. Today I’m among the brains behind ebay and I’m free to ask any question you may have! Please share a question that I can pose to the pros!

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an ebay Parent Panel Ambassador. This is a compensated appointment.

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