Collection Obsession. Join Me?
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Collection Obsession. Join Me?

Tis the season for finding exactly what the kids, spouse and you want! If you are interested in what I love, check out some of the collections I have made as part of my collaboration with ebay this year.

Collections to Design, Organize or Map

You see, I have spent countless hours browsing through all the unique items on ebay. I can most certainly thank the inspiration from my 1st collections in getting my home office organization going a few months ago. Since then, I’ve found more things for my blue & white living room that I want to do next year. I’ve also found over a dozen maps that would look great in my office, as part of my growing map collection. I currently have 7 maps hanging in my office. Almost all of these have been purchased through ebay over the last 10 years. 

ebay map collection

If  you aren’t sure what books to buy my kids, or even your own kids, check out the books I added to the toddler reading list collection. Or my CafĂ© Cubano collection filled with all things cubano!

Mom-Cave Collection

My ebay collections have inspired my husband, too! Yes, I’ve got him browsing through my collections and even making some of his own. It’s a great place for him to hold his “man cave” ideas.

I saw a blog post today about a “mom-cave” filled with scrapbooking items. How fun. Maybe I should make a collection for my “mom-cave.” I’ve started my “mom-cave” but have only added one thing…a big wonderful leather recliner. What else should I add?

mom cave

Alrighty, Join My Collection Craze


ebay collections

 Not sure which collection is my favorite. I really have gotten into each. I’ll need to go back over time and update them – adding new items that have been listed.  

Creating ebay collections is fun. It’s one of those “sucks you in” activities online. (Thankfully there is a purposes and  you aren’t just looking at random pictures of someone’s random  cousin you never met on a popular social network!) 

Let’s follow each other! Be sure to head over to my ebay profile page and opt to FOLLOW ME! I’ll follow you too! Leave me a comment with your ebay name!


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