Easy 4th of July Recipe Collection

4th of July Recipes

4th of July often means picnics, BBQs or meals by the pool or beach. Whichever your location on the 4th, try out any of these easy recipes for friends and family. Each recipe is easy to make and delicious to eat!4th of July Recipes

  1. Chicken Chutney Spread – Perfect with crackers or a vegetable platter! This is a quick one that will have guests thankful you made it! 
  2. BLT Dip – One of my FAVORITES! For all you bacon l overs out there, this dip will likely be licked out of the bowl!
  3. Baked Potato Bar – Throw some potatoes on the grill and put together a Baked Potato Bar for your guests! 
  4. Mojito! – Yes, the famous Cuban drink is a perfect July 4th addition! Make a big jug of mojitos and be ready to refill glasses. This recipe uses Truvia as the sweetener. You can use traditional white sugar.
  5. USA Fruit Flag Salad – Get the kids involved on the 4th! With some skewers, cut up fruit and a large platter, kids or adults can create a USA Fruit Flag! It’s the most patriotic salad you’ll ever eat!

Go ahead and have fun this 4th of July! Be sure to enjoy some of these easy and delicious treats as you celebrate summer and our nation’s independence!


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