Bento Box Idea: Ham Roll Ups
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Bento Box Idea: Ham Roll Ups

My non-sandwich eating 1st grader does like meats, especially ham. She likes bread, but she doesn’t like ham and bread together. When creating her lunch this year, I’m heavily influenced by all the fantastic bento box ideas I come across online, especially on Pinterest. I need to find ways to provide her the protein she needs without sacrificing taste or quality, and of course making it look cute.

Last year I would give her ham roll-ups and they were just that. The ham slice was rolled like a cigar and put in a reusable container. This year we jazzed up the roll-ups with a toothpick and some washi tape. (If you’re unsure what Washi Tape is, see this post on the ways to use Washi Tape.)Bento Box Ides with Washi Tape

With the beautiful Washi Tape designs I had, together we made flags, by folding the tape onto itself around a toothpick. The flags acted as skewers to hold the Hormel Honey Ham roll-up together. The finished product was perfect. It’s so very bento box-y.

For those of you who have children who don’t refuse to eat cheese, adding a cheese cube to the roll-up would be a great idea! You could even try a Gherkin pickle rolled up with a slice of turkey!

bento box ideas will help moms of those non-sandwich eating kids come up with unique ways to present healthy, protein-packed lunches!

This post was made through my role as a Hormel Extended Family Blogger. All opinions and experiences are my own!

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