5 Back to School Items for Kids in Uniforms
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5 Back to School Items for Kids in Uniforms

Yes, many of our children are dressing in a plaid skort, collared shirt and school issued socks. But, back to school shopping isn’t just uniforms. Children wearing uniforms to school still need to stock up on many clothing items for before, during and after school.KOHLS Back to School

I was recently invited to go back to school shopping at Kohl’s and we stocked up on loads of items for this upcoming school year. They have a great selection of standard uniform items – khakis, golf shirts and cardigans. But, we were there for items other than uniform pieces!

Here are 5 back to school items for kids in uniforms to buy at Kohl’s:

  1. Underwear & socks! Yes, why not start the school year with a fresh pair of undies and socks! Buy a pack or two of underwear & socks for each child and most importantly toss out all those old pairs with holes!KOHLS Back to School
  2. Shoes! Kohls has a decent selection of shoes for kids. We focused on PE sneaks. The biggest decision was laces or no laces. She “knows” how to tie, sort of. We went for the laces. She’ll learn quick! I hope!KOHLS Back to School
  3. Athletic Wear – This year soccer practice increases to twice a week. I need to have soccer practice attire ready for those busy afternoons. Kohl’s had great options for girls sized 7+, she more of a 6/6X. Although some of the shirts might be a bit big at the start of the season, she will grow, I’m certain of that!
  4. Play & Party Clothes – Playdates and birthday parties will dominate many afternoons and weekends. With the cooler weather approaching I picked up some leggings and long sleeve outfits for both the 1st grader and the 2 year old.KOHLS Back to School
  5. Jammies – There must have been at least 2-dozen pajamas to choose from at Kohl’s. The Disney characters, general fairies and other cute patterns had my daughter super indecisive on which 3 jammies she wanted. She finally selected a few sets, including one that has a pajama for her doll as well!KOHLS Back to School

Yes, back to school time is just weeks away. Now is the time to head out to stores like Kohl’s to stock up on new, fresh clothing items for the new school year. Regardless if your child wears a uniform or not, there are many times of the year where he/she isn’t in his/her school outfit! Stock up now, then sit back and get ready for another fun and exciting year! Have fun! 

Disclosure: I was provided with a KOHL’S gift card to facilitate this experience. All opinions and children are my own. 

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