3 Kid Friendly Breakfast Ideas
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3 Kid Friendly Breakfast Ideas

We wake up way too early in this house. My alarm goes off at 6:09, 6:16 and 6:31. If that 6:31 goes off we’re still in bed we’re in trouble! We need to be out of the house by 7:10 AM. I need the kids up, dressed and fed while they deal with each other’s morning crankiness. Having a kid friendly breakfast is a must for a smooth morning.

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I need to feed, particularly the kindergartener something that will fill her and satisfy her picky taste buds. Cereal is a popular choice or a peanut butter and raisin sandwich. Yes, raisins not jelly. Don’t ask…it was her “invention” a few years back and it stuck. She also still loves “pancakes on a stick!” These breakfast options are good for fast prepackaged meals. 

Actually “making” her breakfast is something more resereved for the weekends, but it doesn’t have to be…if I would only get up at the 6:09 alarm I could be making her a breakfast pizza! 

As your Hormel Extended Family Blogger, I have a few recipes to share that will certainly satisfy the hungry tummies on school or weekend mornings! These recipes will help you break away from the traditional cereal and toaster pastries. I love that they are rather easy and quick to make.

Three Kid Friendly Breakfast Options

Canadian Bacon Breakfast Pizza: Have a hard time convincing picky eaters of the importance of breakfast? With the Canadian Bacon Breakfast Pizza that won’t be an issue! Make this the night before and heat it up for a simple solution to the busy morning. 

Kid Friendly Breakfast
Pizza for breakfast! Yes!
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Asparagus and Ham Bake: This dish is perfect for starting the day off with a serving of protein and vegetables in a delicious and satisfying way. 

Apple Cheddar Breakfast Biscuits: These savory biscuits take less than 15 minutes to prepare and can be easily wrapped up to enjoy on-the-go. 

Do you have a favorite, simple kid friendly breakfast recipe that is kid-friendly? Please share!

This post was made through my role as a Hormel Extended Family Blogger. All opinions and experiences are my own!

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