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3 Considerations for Creating a Thanksgiving Menu

Planning a Thanksgiving Menu doesn’t have to be too difficult. There are LOADS of recipes in your own kitchen, in cookbooks and online. My husband loves this sausage stuffing that his family always makes. And I love to make my aunt’s corn casserole. As you begin to decide what you’ll serve and what you’ll ask others to bring, consider these 3 great tips to making a great Thanksgiving Menu.

  1. Thanksgiving MenuGreat Aunt Mildred loves to make her apple pie. Remember the relatives who are attending or no longer can when creating the menu. Consider family recipes or dishes that others love to create, invite them to make them. It’s a great way to honor the family and continue to pass down recipes from generations long before your children.
  2. Peanut? Dairy? Gluten? Vegetarian? There are loads of allergies and even more now than ever. Consider what some of your guests will or will not be able to eat because of health reasons. Reach out to those family members for recipe ideas if you’re stuck on what they might like. Choose dishes that can be enjoyed by most, if not all, of your guests.
  3. Dare yourself to try a new recipe. Not everyone adores the traditional Green Bean Casserole. Why not find a new one? Or how about a whole different veggie? The 1st Thanksgiving had corn and many seasonal autumn vegetables like squashes.

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