Whole Foods, the one with the shopping cart!

          I’m thinking most kids love toy stores, right?  Not in this house.  I can’t say that she does n’t love them.  We honestly haven’t really been in one all that often.  (We had an unfortunate incident happen at our local toy store a few years ago and we haven’t step foot inside since then.)  However, one place my little Isa has gone PLENTY of times to is the grocery store.  She LOVES Publix, primarily because they give kids free cookies in the bakery.  Too bad the moms aren’t offered free wine – I’d be there every day! 

       Lately though, she has an obsession with Whole Foods.  We have two to choose from – the one with the elevator and the one with the shopping cart.  That’s how she distinguishes them!  Yesterday we headed to the one with the shopping cart after picking up our produce.  Isa adores getting her cart and strolling down the aisles.  At this Whole Foods, in Pinecrest, FL, there are a few mini shopping carts with a flag saying “Customer in Training” hanging on top  Adorable!  Since we didn’t have much to purchase that was our only cart, so she gladly accepted my items to cart around until we got to the cashier.  It was so much fun! She walked the aisle truly imitating me.  Making comments about prices and if she had coupons.  This role playing adventure was a blast!  I can’t wait to go again!



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