What’s Dinnertime Like in Your Home?  Battles or Harmony?
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What’s Dinnertime Like in Your Home? Battles or Harmony?

Sticky fingers? Crumbs, big & small, on the floor?  Spilt milk?  Does your dinnertime resemble this?

Ok, it’s not thaaaaaaat bad here.  Well, now with Baby C on solids, she’s pretty much a disaster at dinner.  Although I must say that it’s pretty darn cute!

Dinnertime, just like any other time in our homes, is a time when Smart Mamas must pick our battles.  If your daughter has the asparagus on her fork, are you really going to remind her that her elbows are on the table?

Or the meltdown (yes, we have many of those) when she refuses to try the delicious pork that you made…does it warrant a full of World War 3 on your end?

So what is dinner like at your house?  Battles, harmony or a little in between?

I’ve been inspired by Ragu® Mom’s the Word’s latest conversation!  Join me!  Visit Facebook.com/ragusauce and comment on your dinnertime!


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3 thoughts on “What’s Dinnertime Like in Your Home? Battles or Harmony?

  1. I never remember any fights on the table when my son was still toddlers. When I am planning to have a vegetable soup with 5 different vegetables in it which they hate at first, 3 hours before dinner time I make them sit on the kitchen table and make up stories about why Superman got a strong body and a sharp mind, it’s because he ate and drink vegetable soup when he was still a kid, if you could see how there eyes grow larger. So that’s it! no trouble letting them eat vegetables.

  2. In times of eating most of us were uniting for some reason, We are preparing our favorite meal and letting individual to do what they want.

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