We Did It! Our 1st Family 5K!
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We Did It! Our 1st Family 5K!

Family 5K
Pointing out the elephants as we traveled throughout ZooMiami during RunWild.

Family 5KYesterday morning the alarm clock went off at the same ridiculously early time it does Monday-Friday. But this time we were a little more excited to get out of bed. The four of us got dressed, grabbed water bottles and began our drive to Zoo Miami. We weren’t going as tourists to see the African Elephants of the scary Harpy Eagle. This time we were going as athletes. We were participating in the RunWild 5K to support the Chapman Partnership – a local charity helping and empowering homeless in Miami-Dade County.

After a longer wait than we had anticipated to get our packets, the 4 Murphys headed to the starting point and took off. We walked most of the 1st mile but Tom & Isabella picked up the pace for miles 2 & 3 with a run/walk combo. I stayed pushing the stroller with the youngest competitor. I ran a little, not too much (bad, bad knee.) We passed the giraffes, orangutans, howler monkeys and the rhino. I sort of felt bad that we didn’t stop and enjoy each animal. But this time we were at the zoo for a different reason. After close to an hour, Ceci and I rolled up to the finish line. I let her get out of the stroller and walk through on her own.

Family 5K
About to cross the finish line!

It was awesome. It was fantastic. I can’t wait to do it again.

Watch my #CarpoolChat as I express my emotions about the race:

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  1. We are doing our first family 5K the weekend of the 17th……..so looking forward to it. We get to help a charitable cause and have family fun! Great job, love the blog!

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