We travel with the kids, often. In our many travels I’ve gained quite of bit of tricks to make our travels run a smoothly as possible. 

This month on TampicoIsColor.com I share three tips for staying organized when traveling with the family. One that is a must for us is the “luggage hamper.” End the days of, “Mom, where do I put my dirty underwear?” during your vacation. Keep a suitcase open on the ground in the closet of your hotel room. All dirty clothes goes in there. Zip it up on the last day and set it adjacent to your washing machine when you get home.  I am certain you’ll find this tip and the others I have shared useful for your next trip!Organized Travel

Read my post that has this tip, as well as others, here: http://tampicoiscolor.com/3-tips-to-travel-organized-

Be sure to share a comment here with your most useful tip for traveling with kids. We could all use all the ideas and tips & tricks that we can get!

Disclosure: I am a paid contributor of TampicoIsColor.com 

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