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Top Trend: Sequin Jacket! Find out where to get one without breaking the bank!

Sequins are the latest fashion trend. Layering with sequins an easy way to glam-up a mom’s wardrobe. A stunning Baby Phat jacket was shown on the Today show as a way to be Sexier in Seconds….sequins were the top accessory for that! Time to dig out the sequins!

Trash or Treasure? – With tags or gently used, it’s ready for you to buy or sell!

Don’t have any sequin tops stashed in the back of your closet? Not all of us do. Before you pay near $100 for the Baby Phat jacket, you need to 1st check out eBay. Remember the old saying, “one person’s trash, is another person’s treasure.” Looking for a classic comeback fashion trend, like sequins, is perfect for the eBay shopper. While you may be 1st in line to buy a new sequin top, someone else might be anxious to get rid of the one they never wore.

Many women, me included, tend to buy more clothes than they’ll actually wear. The shirt they were pressured to buy at the mall last week will hang on the hanger with its tags still on for a few seasons. There is a sequins top, similar to what was shown off on the Today Show, sitting in someone’ s closet, with the tags on or in gently used condition, waiting for a new home. Not convinced, I just did a quick search for “sequin jacket” and found:

On the other hand, how about the sequins top you have and never or rarely wore. Sequins may be back in style but it’s just not your size or style anymore. This is the time to get it out of your closet and get some cash in your wallet! Remember my photo tips for photographing items to sell on ebay before your post!

Sequins or no sequins, regardless your choice, it’s a trend that we won’t only see on the runways but on ebay too!

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as aneBay Parent Panel Ambassador. Additionally, I have included eBay affiliate links. This is a compensated appointment.

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