The On Demand Bedtime Timer

Measuring time through On Demand is smart – especially when we’re getting ready for bedtime! We get that request, often accompanied with a whine, to stay up later. The a little later, pah-lease mooooom, is requested here a lot. I’m now using On Demand as my time keeper for these moments, and it’s fantastic! I have the same passion as my husband currently has with Xfinity TV app and the Watch ESPN feature as an Xfinity customer.

Most kid shows are 22-24 minutes long through On Demand – compared to the 30 minutes of total programming when watching live. When I set up for a Doc McStuffins episode to play, I know my daughter will have exactly 24 more minutes.

 I know that there will be zero commercials (on most kid programming) so she won’t be enticed to later bug me to buy her something. I know that her favorite shows will be available, regardless of the time. I know that she doesn’t need the remote while watching an On Demand program, as she doesn’t need to fast forward, pause or rewind. She can sit there and enjoy her favorite episode for those 24 minutes. And rather than mommy telling her that it’s bedtime, the On Demand show will end and she’ll know, maybe not like, that it’s time!

Nearly every show she could request is available, as Xfinity On Demand has the world’s largest collection of shows and movies to select from! To top it off, the Xfinity On Demand service is available on your iPad when you have WiFi! So, now when you’re off on vacation and you need to instill the same evening routine, Doc McStuffins can still do her 24 minute thing, from your iPad rather than the living room TV!

Xfinity On Demand Line Up

How do you use On Demand with your kids? Is it useful? My youngest – nearly 14 months – has an OBSESSION with The Wiggles. Thanks to On Demand an episode is ready the moment I need help! A Wiggles episode calms her down in the midst of a toddler tantrum in seconds! Plus, she starts to wiggle and dance! Thank you so much On Demand for coming to my rescue! You’re like an extra friend there to help and entertain when I need it!

If we could only get kids programmed On Demand! Imagine pressing a button and viola they are bathed and in bed. A Smart Mama can dream!

These last months I’ve shown how Xfinity TV and Xfinity Voice can be so helpful to a busy mom. Have you tried either of the services? How are they helping you?

Disclosure: As a member of the Comcast Digital Ambassador Program, I receive Xfinity Triple Play in exchange for my involvement in the program. All opinions are my own. Images and logos courtesy of Comcast.



  1. Jackie 28 June, 2012 at 08:34 Reply

    :::sigh::: We can’t get cable where I live…. I wish that we could because programs like this would be perfect for my youngest daughter!

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