Tackle It Tuesday – The Party Supplies

Smart Mama Move: Organize your party supplies in the same area. When it’s time for party planning you’ll save yourself time, energy and frustration!

I took on a great tackle this weekend. During my post-BBQ clean up on Sunday, I decided to make sense of my “party goods.” Prior to the tackle, I had plastic utensils all over the place – a few in the kitchen drawer, a bag in the hallway closet and even some in the garage. The same goes for cocktail napkins and other things. I had to spend too much time last week gathering the supplies so I decided to organize them together – imagine that!

Here are 2 drawers that I have my dining room that were being used to collect random things – what a mess!

Now, they neatly hold all my cocktail napkins (stored in plastic bags by pattern), cloth napkins for baskets, cheese/butter spreaders (also in a plastic bag), utensils, napkin holders and some other little things.

What a difference!

Giveaways & Munchkin!

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