Tuesday Toot – My New Feature!

As you probably read yesterday, this week is the launch of Smarty Pants Product of the Week! Each week I will highlight a different product that I believe is “worthy” of being recognized as a Smart product – a product all mommies should have. The product may at times be for your munchkins, and at other times just for you! I will also (this is the best part) hold a raffle at the end of each week so you can win that week’s product!!!

So, I’m tooting my success in the launch of my new weekly feature!!!

Be sure to scroll down to yesterday’s posting to read more about this week’s product and enter the raffle!!!

Giveaways & Munchkin!
Don’t forget to participate in this week’s Smarty Pants Product of the Week giveaway! See the link to the right!
Also, please be sure to enter your munchkin for chance to be Munchkin Monday! Simply email me a photo, 1st name, birthday, likes and dislikes. Your munchkin will have some 15 minutes of fame as you get to share the posting with friends and family.Email: SmartyPantsMama @ gmail . com


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