Softer Clothing Makes You Happier, Doesn’t It?

An afternoon of doing laundry. We’ve all been there. None of us like it. What we do like is the finished product. The basket full of neatly folded clothing, sheets & towels. The soft clothing, still warm from the dryer gives us a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

What’s your laundry routine? I know many of you throw a load in every day. I do too, but mainly just on the weekdays and on Sundays. I guess that means every day but Saturday. I have certain items that have more urgency, like school uniforms and soccer and ballet outfits. We’re also short a set of sheets for our bed, so it’s wash, dry and make the bed all in one day right now. I won’t even mention the stress of ironing.

I will proudly share that I don’t always separate whites and darks. Do you? I recently heard a morning radio show conversation that invited listeners to call in and share if they separate. I was in shock hearing about the dramatic fashion some listeners go to to get their laundry done. Let’s just say one listener has 8 different piles of clothing. White, blacks, reds, stripes…  Insane. She obviously doesn’t have a household of kids. I don’t even think she was married. Let’s see how long that last when she has a family to launder for too!

Other than ironing, putting the clothes away might be the worst part of laundry. I’m so ready for the Jetson’s robot to show up at my house and put away every sock, pajama and shorts for me – especially in a neater format that ends up happening when I’m crammed for time!

As Smart Mamas, laundry is a task we all have in front of us, typically on a daily schedule. There are ways to maximize time and do a better job at getting the darn grass stains out of the kid’s jeans. Until we get that all figured out, let’s just celebrate the fact that we actually get it done – even if your husband’s undershirt has been known to turn a bit pink from washing it with your new red top!

Downy – the experts at helping us have the softest towels, sweaters and more – is celebrating with us – in a rather humorous way! They recently set up hidden cameras in laundromats and rigged certain machines with music. Watch as one launderer got down to latin jams as they waited for their clothes to dry.

Can you jam? Can your family jam? Visit the Downy Facebook page to learn how to enter a video of your laundry jamming time!  They will be loads of winners – including the very lucky grand prize winner who will win a new washer and dryer, plus $1000! There will be 2 daily iPod Shuffle winners too! The panel of judges will select the top ten video submissions and each will receive a one year supply of Downy with SilkTouch! A public vote will select the grand prize winner. Consumers can submit their videos from March 12 thru April 9 and the Top 10 will be announced on April 13. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on April 30.


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