Smart Pants Product of the Week: Annie’s Organic Produce Buying Club
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Smart Pants Product of the Week: Annie’s Organic Produce Buying Club

Did you watch the CBS video I posted, Chemicals That Make You Fat? Were you as disgusted as me? I’ve never really bought into the organic crunchy lifestyle, but in recent years it’s becoming more evident that the hormone filled steak may not be the best thing for you!

With this new realization I now look forward to Mondays around noon when I receive a wonderful phone call….”You can pick up after 1:30.” No, not my munchkin, my produce! For nearly 2 months I have subscribed to Annie’s Organic Produce Buying Club ( here in South Florida. For less than $40 a week I receive a tremendous box full of organic, and often local, produce. The box typically contains the staples of what we would normally buy, lettuce, tomatoes and bananas. But, every week there are items new and unique to me, my hubby and especially my little one.

Look at this week’s items:

Yummy, right? Did you notice that beautiful artichoke or the yellow, yes I said yellow, mini carrots?? Annie’s Club really gets me eating things I would have NEVER even thought of placing in my cart at Publix. I made collard green with leeks a few weeks ago, and have you ever had a saucer squash, well I had it sauteed with onions last month!

Each week not only am I provided with a bounty of produce, thankfully I receive a great resource of recipes that correspond with the produce of the week! It doesn’t get much better than that! Actually, it does!!! With Annie’s Club there are…
NO Start Up Costs
NO Dues or Membership Fees
NO Long-Term Commitments
NO Big Obligation for Your Valuable Time
NO more Paying Retail
NO excuse not to offer your family the freshest available organic produce!

I LOVE it! Can you tell!?!?!??!

As a Smart Mama, I have to say that the excitement of the week’s produce is wonderful to see on my daughter’s face! Hearing her ask if we’ll be getting blueberries or strawberries is music to my ears? It sure beats hearing her ask for fast food!

I would love to hear from other Smart Mamas who belong to a similar buying club!!

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2 thoughts on “Smart Pants Product of the Week: Annie’s Organic Produce Buying Club

  1. That sounds like a fantastic club!! I've never heard of anything like that in northern Michigan. However, during our growing season we belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It has definately expanded our knowledge of veggies.

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