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Smart Home: Cleaning out the Closet and Donating!! Great Ideas!

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Take a look at this!  These 6 bags of clothing came out of my closet.

They are filled with styles and sizes that are no longer applicable in this house!  Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with them.  Two things come to mind, donate or sell.  Two of the bags contain items with tags still on and/or a pretty decent brand, so I may try to sell those, but the other 4 bags will certainly get into the hands of those in need through a donation.

I’ve solicited you, my wonderful Smarty Pants Mama readers and twitter followers, to share where you donate your used clothing.  I’ve compiled a list based on my own research and experience plus your wonderful advice!  Please consider any of these organizations the next time you come across a bag of old clothes!

1.       Soles 4 Souls

Not sure what to do with your old sneakers, sandals and other shoes.  Soles 4 Souls accepts used shoes donations.  Shoes are then distributed to those in need.  They have donated more than 12 million shoes since 2005!  To find a drop off location or how to send your shoes to a Soles 4 Souls warehouse:  http://www.Soles4Souls.org

2.       Goodwill

Drop off locations at Goodwill stores as well as drop off bins can be found across the nation.  Items are sold at their stores.  Their site has a neat widget, Calculate the Impact of your Donations, allowing you to understand how great of an impact your donation can be for a typical recipient of your clothing/items.  http://www.goodwill.org

3. Salvation Army

Donations are sold in their nationwide thrift stores.  “Proceeds from the sale of donated items help fund Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which provide substance abusers and others struggling with various forms of life issues with the necessary tools to re-enter society and live productive lives.”  Depending on your location, the Salvation Army can arrange a pick up at your home; this is especially useful when donating large items.  Otherwise you can search for local sites or drop off locations.  They provide receipt for your donations, as well as a value guide to help you evaluate the value of your donations. http://www.use.salvationarmy.org 1-800-SA-TRUCK

4. Dress for Success

Accepts donations of professional attire for women in need.  They do not accept suits and dresses that are not interview-appropriate, sportswear or casual clothes, evening wear, jewelry, belts, used cosmetics, used pantyhose or men’s clothing.  http://www.dressforsuccess.org

5.       Lupus Foundation

Accept donation of clothing.  All items are sold to for-profit wholesale buyers.  Money earned supports programs for individuals and families facing lupus.  http://www.lupus.org

6. The Cinderella Project

A great place to rid your bridesmaid gowns!  The Cinderella Project aims to helping teens in need with attractive, well kept gowns to be worn for events like their prom. The organization is based out of Albany, NY but there are many sister programs around the country. http://www.cinderellaproject.net

7.       Local charities & churches

Check your local phone book for shelters and other organizations such as domestic violence center & crisis pregnancy centers that support people in need.  Here are some organizations that readers suggested:

Miami, FL
Corpus Cristi Church, 3200 NW 7th Ave, Miami. Attn: Sr. Carmen

Birmingham, AL
Hannah Homes – http://KingsHome.com

8.       Friends and family

Have you considered your nieces and nephews for the hand me downs?  Consider your neighbors and friends?  A size that doesn’t fit you may fit them just right.

If your organization is not on the list, please share it as a comment below and I will add it!

A special THANK YOU to the following readers for sharing their insight!

@Tzenaki81 of http://www.giftedly-outspoken.blogspot.com
@dbltheprincess of http://krayzeemommie.blogspot.com/
@YankeeBell of http://www.twitter.com/YankeeBell
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@asmanyasgiven of http://www.4andcounting.blogspot.com
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3 thoughts on “Smart Home: Cleaning out the Closet and Donating!! Great Ideas!

  1. I had no idea there was a Lupus foundation…I’m going to check it out!
    Oh, and I just had a very successful yard sale!!
    Thanks for the ideas 🙂


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