Smart Food: Breakfast Choices in Miami, using LikeList!

A few weeks ago I shared 4 of our favorite places to get a quick easy breakfast in Miami. Today, using a new tool, LikeList from, I’m making it a more shareable list, one that can be updated with tips from me, you and complete strangers! What do you think? Have a list you want to create?

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2 thoughts on “Smart Food: Breakfast Choices in Miami, using LikeList!

  1. Love the list! Thanks for sharing. We have a Panera Bread down the street from me and it’s a great place for the whole family. Healthy choices, great bagels in the morning, and one of my fav tomato soups!

    1. Thanks!

      I used to frequent Panera back in my teaching days. It was a great place to get a quick lunch and a cup of coffee. Now, as a Smart Mama, I look at it through a whole new set of eyes!

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