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Smart Cause: Ellen Pompeo Scrubs in for Diapers

Earlier in the week, I talked to a mom. She’s a mother of a 1 year old girl. She’s a mother like you and I. She loves yoga, is exhausted and can’t believe how fast the 1st year has gone. She’s also a mother whose passion to support causes has shifted to more motherly interests in the last year.  Sound a lot like you?  This mother is the television star, Ellen Pompeo, of Grey’s Anatomy!  Ellen chatted with me and the 6 other Every Little Bottom Blog Ambassadors about motherhood and her desire to be an active part of Huggies’ Every Little Bottom.  She related to each of us. We are all mothers.  We all want what’s best for our children.  And, honestly, Ellen fully agreed that motherhood is by far the most challenging career she’s had.  It’s more difficult than acting for Ellen, and it is certainly more challenging than teaching for me.

She has now “scrubbed in” and is ready to help kick-off the national diaper drive for Every Little Bottom! Recently she helped distribute diapers at the LA Diaper Drive and will be in New York for a diaper drive at the Babies“R”Us store in Union Square today!  Her passion is like mine, a mom with the drive to be sure that all children are happy, healthy and safe.  She explained in our conversation that now as a mother “everything rips at your heart and you have much more compassion towards these issues than you did before and if there are chances to get involved like how Huggies reached out to me, then of course.”

Ellen and I are both committed to keep Every Little Bottom protected!  Join us in our campaign!  Join us as we find ways to get diapers to the babies in need.

To get involved:

Visit Every Little Bottom to:

  • Learn the Every Little Bottom story, and see moving videos of mother’s personally affected by diaper banks.
  • Learn the specifics on the tremendous diaper need across our country.
  • Learn ways to get involved, from donating diapers, to donating points, holding a diaper drive or even launching a diaper bank for your area.  Blog Friends are listed, as well as the live Twitter feed of #elb, the Every Little Bottom hashtag!
  • Learn how and where to get diapers.

I invite you to share below why and how you will support Huggies Every Little Bottom.  Thank you.

As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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