Polaroid Cube Review for Family Travel

The Polaroid Cube arrived in the mail. Sitting in a box, the girls and I tore into it, anxious to know what this 0.9 lb piece of technology would do. We were invited by Polaroid to experience the Cube. We charged it up and got to work. (See our Polaroid Camera Reveal video)Polaroid Cube Review

For nearly 10 days, the Polaroid Cube accompanied our family to school drop off, pick-up, soccer, gymnastics, ballet and most importantly a weekend trip to Disney World. It hung out in my big purse and my back pocket at times. It was easy to use and such a hit with our friends and family. Yes, everyone wanted a chance to snap a photo or smile and say cheese for the tiny Cube.

I tossed the cube in the backpack and quickly added it to the trunk of our minivan. The girls didn’t know but we were about to embark on a surprise weekend getaway with friends to Disney World. I knew the Cube would add even more excitement on this long awaited trip.Polaroid Cube Review

From the moment we reached the hotel lobby, after a long 4 hour drive, the girls asked for the Cube. My photographers-in-training ran around the stunning lobby snapping up photos of the funky ceiling art to the holiday decorations adorning the circular staircase to the lower lobby.

Polaroid Camera Review
The days at the parks were so much fun with the Cube. I felt very sly pulling out what looked like a very sophisticated tech-y toy. You should have seen the looks I got from others who were so curious as to what I had in my hand and what was I doing with it. I did end up giving quite a number of demonstrations and sort of sales pitches to loads of people throughout the weekend. I guarantee several Polaroid Cube presents will be given out this weekend just from standing in line at a ride in Epcot!

Without a display screen on the Polaroid Cube, I really had no idea what photos had been taken each day, until I had a moment to upload with a USB cord to my laptop later that night. It was like opening a present, having no idea what was inside when the girls I would gather around the computer screen to take a look at all that was captured that day.Polaroid Cube Review

We have grown accustomed to instantly viewing the photos or videos that have been taken on our digital cameras and smart phones. With the Polaroid Cube, you go real old school like I mentioned earlier with no photo display available, needing to connect it to a computer see your photos/videos. This additional step does help us from over-sharing on social media. We are forced to really stop and think before we post online. This can be a very good thing.

The Polaroid Cube retails for $99, making it quite affordable for all it has to offer. You get a 1080i video quality and impressive photos. No, it’s not the same as a full-sized DSLR camera with all its fancy features and with its small size, photo stability is tough. But, its versatility made up for this challenge – big time! 

As I mentioned, one of my favorite aspects of the Cube is its size yet this is also one of its quirks. Like anything of a small size, one risks the chance of losing it. Yes, there were many freak out moments during our trial experience where I went batty because I couldn’t find it. Be sure to select a Polaroid Cube “spot” in your bag so you always know where it is. You might also be interested in their Bumper Case accessory and clip it on to your bag.

Purchasing a Polaroid Cube and its extensive accessories (I’m most excited to try out their waterproof case) can be done at many sporting good and technology retailers, as well as at PolaroidCube.com. Looking forward to seeing all those moments you capture on your Polaroid Cube! Be sure to let me know when you order yours!

Polaroid Camera ReviewDisclosure: Smarty Pants Mama Media was hired to provide this Polaroid Cube review. It is unbiased and based on actual experiences. 


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