Disney World is for Florida Moms
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Disney World is for Florida Moms

Florida moms love Disney. I especially do. From start to finish, getting to the entrance at Magic Kingdom is 250 miles – as the car drives. That usually comes out to just an under 4 hour drive. There are no airport security lines, delayed or cancelled flights or limitations on what you can pack. Yes, there might be a chance of traffic, but the roadways we usually take do not get much traffic after you get out of the Miami area. We gas up and go!

With it’s proximity, we’ve headed to Disney World nearly a dozen times since the oldest was born. Many of these trips have been just for a night or two. Sometimes we get to one park, sometimes to all 4. We nearly always spend at least our Sunday having breakfast at Downtown Disney. We have maximized how to best do a Disney weekend for our family. Yes, a weekend getaway to the Happiest Place on Earth is possible for Florida families!

Recently my kindergartener and I recorded a short video on why we love being Florida families who love Walt Disney World! You’ll notice where we shot the video – in the car! We couldn’t think of a better place to showcase why Florida moms and families love Disney than from the very spot that makes loving Disney so very easy!  Does your family drive to Disney? Is it an easy road trip?

As a Florida Mom, I love that a weekend in Disney is a possibility. The family loves it just as much! Whether we go for a day, a weekend or a full week, we always have fun!

Why do you love it? Do you ever do Disney weekends?

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