Piece of the Week – Yogurt Cups

 Yogurt Cups

Since the start of solids more than a year ago, my munchkin has loved yogurt. She enjoys all types – Yo Baby, Yoplait Kids and Danon. After trashing the empty containers at the end of each breakfast for months, I finally  realized that these little “cups”, often with a picture of Dora or Diego, haven’t ended their “life”! I have started to reuse the cups. Actually, my munchkin has. She has a stack of the cups in her play area. She loves to puts stuff in them, from crayons to her Cheerios. She also uses as a seat for her Little People.

Do you reuse yogurt cups? How so? Please share!

Piece of the Week provides SmartyPantsMama.com readers ideas on how to renew, reuse or recycle.


  1. Nicole A & B 5 September, 2008 at 14:25 Reply

    Cool idea, I wish that Aidan’s pudding came in a large container. The soy products are expensive and come in small amounts.

  2. AK-NWforager 24 March, 2009 at 11:27 Reply

    i'm a bachelor so I have the luxury of reusing everything =D. I use these large yogurt cups instead of buying cups and glasses. Instead of tupperware . I pot plants in them after drilling 4 little holes in the base . I make my own beansprouts in them by putting muslin cloth on as a strainer. they are great for knik-knaks,coins,tool bits,nuts&bolts, cut holes in the lid for a toothbrush holder…….. . buy stuff in bulk ,use these for portion storage for meat,grain,sugar,… . So many uses for so many things.=D

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