Spinach Salad with Homemade Peach Punch Dressing

Peach Punch Dressing

A nice big salad is a great option for lunch or even dinner! My standard green is spinach. I love its nutty tasty. Sometimes I toss in bacon. Sometimes I toss in fruit. Sometimes I toss in a crumbled egg. There are all sorts of great accompaniments for a spinach salad. I recently tossed in a peach punch dressing and it was divine!

Peach Punch Dressing

A salad dressing for spinach salad should be light and crisp – not heavy. I would never put ranch or thousand island dressing on spinach. 

I was recently working on piece for Tampico and their TampicoIsColor.com site and put together a delicious light dressing using their peach punch. It’s a balsamic vinaigrette of sorts. It’s super simple to make and tastes great on a spinach salad. 

Head over to http://tampicoiscolor.com/peach-punch-dressing-for-spinach-salad and check out the recipe!

Be sure to let me know what you think!

peach punch dressing

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