Educational M&M Math Activities
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Educational M&M Math Activities

Educational M&M Math Activities

M&M Math Activities are a great ways to have tasty fun while learning! You come across a great deal on a big bag of M&Ms. You must purchase it, but what will you do with all of that candy since eating it isn’t the healthiest of options. Luckily, if you have a some M&M candies on hand, there are plenty of things you can do with them that are not only fun, but educational as well. I’ve included various links for products to support the activities explained in this post. They are affiliate links to support efforts of this page.

 M&M Math Activities for All Students

These activities are perfect for after-school or homeschool!  Children and candy go hand in hand, so try out a few of these educational activities using M&M candies and see how those colorful little bites can make learning fun too!

M&M Math Activities

M&M Math Activities

Pretty Fun Pattern Building

Pattern building is one of the first and most important math skills students will learn. Knowing how to build patterns and predict what will come next in the pattern is a skill they will be able to use throughout their life. Spill out a bag of M&M candies and invite your child to start some pattern building. Model what some various patterns may look like and invite them to try. You can even glue the pieces on construction paper if you wish and hang them up when done.

Marvelous M&M Math

M&M candies can be used as counters when doing any types of addition and subtraction problems. Get out a box of flash cards or make your own on index cards, then, use the pieces of candy as counters to solve the various problems. They make a great hands on manipulative for kids who are more visual.


Magnificent Units of Measure

Have fun measuring the length of items using your M&Ms as units of measure. Lay out a shoe, a piece of yarn, a spoon, and other objects then line the M&M’s up to them to see how long they are. If you want you can make predictions before you begin about how many units (M&Ms being your unit of measure) each item is.

Let’s Make Predictions

Pour some of the M&Ms in a clear jar and allow the children to pass it around. Take turns estimating how many M&Ms they think they are in the jar. Ask the child to explain how they decided upon that number. What process did they use? Was there a method? Did they just guess? Allow some conversation before counting the candy and seeing who was closest.

Outrageous Letter Swap

Write some simple words on note cards. Site words appropriate for the age work great. Slide the M&M candy “M” side up over the front of the word and see if it turns it into a new word. For example using the word PART you can slide the M over the P and make MART. Try sliding the M over various letters in a word and see how many other words you can come up with.

As you can see, these are 5 great ways to use M&M candies that are both fun and educational. Give these uses a try and see what excellent lessons you can learn together. If you are wanting to try some other games and lessons using M&M candies, why don’t you ask your child or children for some suggestions? You will be amazed at what ideas they can come up with!

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