Making Homemade Baby Wipes – Practical or Practically Pointless?

 Homemade baby wipes can save money and are easy to make, but is it worth it? We all want what’s best for the baby.  Homemade or retail, at the end, it’s our decision.  With food, we want to provide our babies with homemade as often as possible.  We want to know exactly what’s filling the baby’s tummy and fueling his/her body.  However with clothing, sorry but my sewing skills would leave my youngest one dressed in rags!

How about wipes?  It’s a baby need that we use, and use a lot of.  From the moments of meconium to the last wipe during potty training, we rely on wipes to keep our babies and children clean from head to toe.  Wiping faces, sticky fingers and of course the remains of the poopy diaper, a wipe is a mom’s best friend.

They are made by tons of brands, from the generic to the deluxe.  I’ve tried many.  But, I have also tried homemade.  Have you?  It’s not top on the list of homemade baby items, but I was recommended to it by a friend whom I have admired for her resourcefulness.

The How-To

To make the wipes you’ll need:

  • A pack of super soft paper towels (I prefer VIVA), separated and cut in half you prefer
  • a bit of water to dampen the towels
  • a teaspoon of baby wash – we prefer Aveeno
  • a plastic reusable container

Place the towels in the container.  In a separate bowl, mix water with soap.  Pour water into container, just to moisten the towels.  There shouldn’t be water pooling in the container.  Put the lid on the container.  You’re ready to clean sticky fingers and stinky bottoms!  (Be sure to always fully close the container as these “wipes” will dry out much faster than their retail counterpart!)

Homemade baby wipes is a great way to provide your little one the comfort and care they need. What do you think?  Is it a homemade task you could take on?  Is it worth it?


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  1. Lea 7 February, 2012 at 19:43 Reply

    HUM, I am not sure about the homemade baby wipes. It would be just as easy to buy soft wash rags and just throw them in the wash because paper towels can get just as costly to me. I’m a Huggies wet wipes, Luvs diaper buying, mama for sure!

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