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Make Moving Easier with Ebay

Yes, we’re moving! It’s a big hooray in this house! The only downside is cleaning out and packing. It’s as exhausting as it sounds!Moving Boxes

I’ve got about 30 days and I’ve decided to make money with the move and not spend too much on the tools and supplies I need to get into the new house. As I go through closets, under the beds and tackle the shed I will make my piles. One of the piles is dedicated to items I will sell on ebay and make money! Rather that adding to the landfills, I hope to sell my pre-pregnancy black party dress to someone who will wear it & dance the night away.

I will also use ebay to purchase items for my move. I need boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more. Many people, just like you and me, are cleaning out there house and wanting to get rid of their extras. I’ll gladly buy their moving stuff – for a good price, of course! Also, I’ve come across some small businesses that have a storefront on ebay and sell moving supplies at great prices! I can use the money I made on ebay to buy moving supplies.

I can enter my computer graveyard and sell or donate my old computers and cameras through ebay’s InstantSale.Ebay Instant Sale Using this service I don’t even have to worry about how to ship the clunker because ebay coordinates that! I don’t have to take the time to list, receive payment or ship because through the service the transaction is super simple and you receive the money for your item in no time!

Ebay is the largest marketplace for me to shop for new decorations for the new house! We have a pool at the new house and I need to look for fun pool toys and patio decor!

I also plan to let my husband use one wall of my office to display his sports memorablia. I’ve had much luck on ebay finding authentic autographs and more. Maybe I’ll buy him a new trinket!

Over these next months as I pack, move and unpack I will be smart. I will find ways to support my family by selling items that we no longer need, donate items to those in need and prepare my new house into the home it will be for many, many years. Thank you to ebay for being a big part of making that all possible.

How have you used ebay to help you move?

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador. Ebay Partner Affiliate links are also included in this post. I make pennies for purchases.

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